The Garrison Congregational United Church of Christ is the church of the people.  All are welcome to worship with us!  We believe as Jesus instructed us to do!  "Welcome all who are weary and they will be fed!"

If you would like to become a member.  The only requirements for membership are a Christian baptism, a sincere Christian faith, and the willingness to work at it.  The United Church of Christ Statement of Faith invites all to share in "the cost and joy of discipleship".  Members offer time, skills and financial support as they are able.


Church Weekly News & Bulletin Board


The November Newsletter is being mailed out! If you would like to view it online.

Sunday Church School has begun. Won’t you join us?

"Kid's Club" has begun. We will meet every Wednesday at 3:15PM right after school. Please note there are some early dismissal days that we might have or have not Kid’s Club.  Parents please fill out a new "permission form".